Optics Valley Financial Holding organized the leading group theme education research results exchange meeting
2023-07-14 09:45:37

On the morning of July 14, Optics Valley Financial Holding Group organized a leading group theme education research results exchange meeting。Gong Xueyi, vice chairman and general manager of the group, presided over the meeting。Donghu High-tech Zone Theme Education Liaison Follow up Group 1 Group Leader Li Chubai and team members attended the guidance。

会上,Comrade Gong Xueyi took the lead,Other members of the group's leadership team made exchange speeches in turn,It focuses on "analysis and research on the difficulties and blocking points of State-owned capital venture investment in East Lake High-tech Zone", "Research on promoting high-quality development of scientific and technological innovation in East Lake High-tech Zone with high-quality investment and financing services", "Research on problems and countermeasures of state-owned capital's participation in investment through private equity", "Research on human resource optimization and reform in the process of state-owned enterprise reform" and "prevention of risks of integrity of state-owned enterprises",Research on strengthening the effectiveness of supervision was discussed。At the same time, the typical case of "adhering to independent innovation and striving to create a unique optoelectronic information industry" determined by the Party Working Committee of High-tech Zone is carried out in-depth discussion。

Li Chubai pointed out that the leadership team of Optical Valley Financial Holding Group has a high sense of research topics, in-depth analysis of problems, and targeted countermeasures, and hopes to strengthen the transformation of research results in the next step and do a good job in the second half of the article on theme education。

Gong Xueyi said,Theme education since the development,Members of the group's leadership team are enthusiastic about investigation and research,Work closely around the main business of the group and its areas of responsibility,Determine the research topic,Combined with the development of pain points, difficulties and blocked points,Truly understand the situation, identify the problem, advanced standard, clear goals,And put forward countermeasures,The expected purpose and effect have been achieved。next,The group will strictly follow the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee,Implement the work requirements of the provincial Party committee, the municipal Party committee and the Party Working Committee of high-tech zones,Do a good job of investigation and research as a concrete practice of supporting "two establishment" and achieving "two maintenance",The research results will be transformed into powerful measures to promote the implementation of the Group's work,We will continue to promote thematic education in depth and practice,To contribute to the high-standard construction of Wuhan New City and strive to build a "world Optics Valley"。

Members of the group leadership team, the Party and Mass Work Department (Human Resources Department), the Discipline inspection and Supervision Department (Audit Department, the Office of the Board of Supervisors), and the relevant comrades of the administrative office attended the meeting。