Welcome July 1, review the red heart, Optics Valley financial holding theme Party day into Hong 'an
2023-06-27 16:38:32

"Little Huang An, everyone is a good man。One gong, 480,000。The men will fight and the women will deliver the food."。This popular "Huang 'an ballad" is the heroic hymn of the sons and daughters of Hong 'an, the continuity of the red blood, the symbol of the spirit of Dabie Mountain, and the strong voice of The Times of "united as one, keep up with the party, Park Cheng, courage and perseverance.。


近日,The third and fourth Party branches of Optics Valley Financial Holding Group jointly carried out the "July 1" immersive series of educational activities,Relive the painstaking revolutionary process of the revolutionary forefathers through field visits and research,Further enhance the organization, cohesion and team combat ability of party members and cadres of the group,Guide party members to bear in mind their mission responsibilities,Be a doer in the new era。

At the beginning of the activity, all party members with great reverence in the Jute uprising and the Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area memorial Park in front of the revolutionary martyrs monument lined up three times to bow, and in front of the revolutionary martyrs monument to review the party oath。Afterwards, we visited the Revolutionary History Memorial Hall and the Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall together, reviewed the heroic achievements of the revolutionary martyrs and revolutionary predecessors, fought bravely, inherited and carried forward the fine tradition and revolutionary spirit formed by the Party in the long-term revolutionary struggle, and effectively improved self-cultivation, firmly established ideals and beliefs, and maintained a fine style of work。

Under the scorching sun,In front of the Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Wall,集团相关负责同志从缅怀革命先烈到深入学习习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想的内涵及重要性,We should firmly grasp the general requirements of theme education "learning ideology, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice and building new achievements",How to combine theory and practice to make better use of it,"Immersion" gives everyone a special party lesson。There is no comfortable classroom, there is no cool air conditioning, there is the admiration of all party members and cadres for 140,000 revolutionary martyrs, there is the red spirit to inspire the power of struggle, and there is the determination of young people in the new era to lead the development of The Times with practical actions。

During the agrarian revolution, under the leadership of Zheng Weisan, Dai Kemin, Cao Xuekai, Wu Huanxian and other revolutionary martyrs, farmers' associations and farmers' Self-Defense forces were set up one after another, and revolutionary activities such as beating local tyrando and fighting bullyers were in full swing. Changsheng Street in Qiliping became the center of revolution in the Hubei-Henan-Anhui base area at that time。By visiting 18 important revolutionary sites such as the headquarters of the Red Fourth Front Army on Changsheng Street, we can trace red memories, understand the "great waves rushing sand" in the revolutionary journey and the mission and responsibility of party members and cadres in the new era, and deeply understand the spirit of the Red Ship。


After the visit and study, Optical Valley Financial Holding Group and the relevant responsible comrades of Hong 'an County Government held a symposium on strengthening exchanges and learning and promoting the better integration of party building and business development。The leaders of the two sides said that they will take the party building exchange meeting as an opportunity to coordinate and promote the party building work and business work, and firmly promote the Party's work to extend to the industry, expand to the business, and radiate to the society, and strive to build a new pattern of party building。

Through this activity, Party members experienced the hardships and dedication of revolutionary martyrs, and deeply understood the hard-won happiness of today's life。Everyone said that in the future, we should carry forward the revolutionary spirit of not afraid of hardship and not afraid of difficulties, seriously do our own work, take the initiative to act, and contribute to the Optical Valley Financial holding force for the high standard of starting the construction of Wuhan New City, striving to become the main force of Wuhan's construction of a science and technology innovation center with national influence, and striving to write a new chapter in the "World Optics Valley"。